Little Rock native and Weyland Tech CEO Places Big Bet On Expanding mCommerce Industry

Firm completes targeted acquisition of Push Holdings To Establish North American Footprint With $25 Million Deal

Little Rock, Arkansas — Little Rock native and Weyland Tech CEO, Brent Suen, recently placed a $25 million bet on the explosive mobile app industry.

The company made a strategic acquisition of Push Holdings, a privately-held subsidiary of ConversionPoint Technologies (CPT), in an all-stock deal worth $25 million.  The deal closed January 9 and establishes an important North American footprint for Suen’s company and provides more access to a market where mobile-first consumption is exploding among all age groups.

Consideration for the transaction is comprised of 35,714,285 shares of Weyland Tech common stock priced at a premium to the current market valuation. Of the total consideration, 28,571,428 shares are payable to CPT upon closing, with the balance of 7,142,857 shares payable subject to the achievement of certain performance milestones and other criteria. The acquisition includes approximately $1.5 million in cash on Push’s balance sheet to support the transition and integration, as well as the launch of CreateApp in the U.S.

“We continue to believe Push will be a highly transformative acquisition on multiple levels, and will drive strong revenue growth and market expansion,” said Suen. “Push’s eCommerce platform is highly synergistic to our existing mCommerce technologies, particularly with CreateApp and AtozGo. Our respective offerings are both mobile-friendly and can provide complementary products and services, while our technology and revenue models can be seamlessly integrated into a single platform.”

According to ComScore’s recent Global State of Mobile, U.S. and Indonesia represent two of the largest markets for mobile-first consumption. In fact, ComScore reports show U.S. consumer total minutes spent online ballooned by 45 percent from 2017 – 2019. And, of that time online, U.S. and Indonesian consumers spend all but about 10 percent of their time on mobile in apps. Simply put, time on mobile is dominating time spent online like never before and it represents a strategic opportunity for businesses and marketers to reach consumers.

To grow Weyland Tech within the North American market, Suen turned to Confidential Business Intermediaries, a business brokerage firm located in the midsouth that specializes in business sales, targeted mergers and acquisitions. Within the Central Arkansas CBI offices, Suen looked to his fellow Little Rock residents and family friend Ashton Woodward for trusted counsel. Ashton and CBI Sr. Intermediary Shep Campbell went to work researching the opportunity, reviewing best-fit brands and serving as trusted advisors to the deal.

“It would have been easy to bring in a New York or Silicon Valley advisor but it’s about the people – Shep and Ashton dug in, took a unique approach to valuation analysis and got us to the finish line with attitudes that were fantastic,” said Brent Suen, CEO of Weyland Tech. “We’re thankful to Confidential Business Intermediaries Shep Campbell, Ashton Woodward and the support team at CBI for advising on the acquisition of Push Interactive.”

Personal attention is a trademark of CBI, explained Sr. Intermediary Shep Campbell. “Our business is built on trusted relationships and a passion to support sellers and buyers every day as we guide them on transitioning in or out of businesses,” Campbell said. “The only job we have is to help our clients reach their goal.”

CBI offers a range of services to enable selling or buying businesses including its targeted acquisition, confidential auction and other main street and middle market sales and financial lending tools, explained Central Arkansas Office Owner Connor Grimes.

“Working alongside Brent, a long-time friend and respected business executive, was deeply rewarding as it allowed us to help his team identify future growth through our targeted acquisition processes,” explained CBI professional intermediary Ashton Woodward. “As a consultant to Brent we identified the criteria for target companies and then worked alongside his team every step of the way.”