save your business

Pre-Bankruptcy Planning

CBI activates its Business Resource Center to provide expertise to develop restructuring plans, liquidation analysis, etc., to secure bankruptcy approval.

Equity Protections

Our approach creates a plan built to protect the owner & help keep their equity & hold on to their business, in accordance with applicable laws & regulations.

Value Building

Restructure your business, reduce or eliminate debt, identify profitable parts of the business, sell off parts, reconfigure operations, and put a value/growth plan n place.

CBI offers its “Lifeline” program to operationally sound businesses overwhelmed by debt payments and struggling to keep their business alive as a result of the current Pandemic. CBI’s program provides a path to help employer stay afloat, keep jobs in the community and ultimately create a chance to keep the company. CBI’s Lifeline provides expert planning, smart protections and a path for growth to restore the business and survive beyond the current crisis.